brand audit for everyone

brand audit for everyone

1. What is the origin of your company or brand name ?

2. What does your organization do, and why does it matter?

3. How are you different from other organizations, brands or services like yours?

4. What are your long-term goals (5 years, 10 years)?

5. What would make your most important current project a success?

6. What is the most difficult thing in your business right now?

7. How can failure be avoided?

8. What will happen to your business if nothing changes?

9. What are your tangible branding items? (for example, logo, website, social integration, ads, print collateral, CRM, fans, donors, lists)

10. What is working well for your brand right now?

11. What isn’t working or needs adjustment?

12. What else would you like to know about your brand and brand relationships?